December 04, 2012

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What’s True With You?

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My friend Terry Whitaker is intent on encouraging people to focus on their own truth. What’s true with you? Are you listening to your inner voice? Are you acting on it? Are you being true to yourself?

She recently premiered a television series called “And That’s the Truth with Terry Whitaker,” which showcases stories about people digging inside themselves and tapping into their inner truth and authenticity – and I was flattered when she asked me to be a guest on her show.

In that episode, Terry interviewed me about what I’d learned while co-writing the book Succeed on Your Own Terms. One of the things I shared with her was that whenever we were interviewing people in countries where English was not the native language, the phrase “succeed on your own terms” did not translate naturally. People would give a quizzical look. Then I’d say, “It means succeeding by being true to yourself. Or by listening to your inner voice.” And they’d nod, saying that they got it. Succeeding on your own terms is, in fact, being true to yourself. That’s where we discover real meaning, our true purpose, and become our authentic selves.

To watch the full episode and be inspired by some of the amazing people who have succeeded on their own terms, click here .

Terry’s show can be seen Tuesdays and Thursdays at 1:00pm on WPHA 38 Philadelphia.

Patrick Sweeney, Caliper President

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